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Conscious Sedation

Anxiety Free Dentistry!

Want to know a secret? It's one most people don't know. It's simple. Dentistry does not have to be painful - or scary.

Think it sounds too good to be true? Read on.

It's important to know that a visit to the dentist can be a positive experience, even when treatment is necessary. Millions of Americans, nearly 30%, are afraid of the dentist. They avoid dental care at all costs,  even when they are in pain or discomfort. But it no longer has to be that way. Modern dentistry offers safe, effective, and comfortable treatments, without the use of needles, to anxious and fearful patients. The treatment is called oral sedation dentistry. 
You may have heard it called sedation dentistry, relaxation dentistry and even sleep dentistry (though many consider this later term to be inaccurate as it may refer to general anesthesia).

Most fears develop in childhood, so odds are you have carried your dread of the dentist for years. You avoid receiving care and as a result, your dental health deteriorates. When you are no longer able to stand the pain or discomfort and finally seek treatment, extensive restorative work is required. That means more time in the dental chair, more procedures, and more expense, which only furthers your trepidation. It is a nasty cycle and it must be broken.

Dental fear is a hidden phobia - the monster in the closet that no one wants to talk about. Like many people, you may be embarrassed to admit your fears and even more afraid to confront them. Often times not even your loved ones are aware of your apprehension. Worse yet, you may have never known that oral sedation dentistry was an option. 
Not anymore! Sedation Dentistry is not painful - or scary.

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